Experienced Family Lawyers

Our Fees

The majority of our clients at Waller Family Lawyers come to us through recommendation and referral of others, however, it is still important to us that each prospective client is given the time to feel comfortable and confident in the way we can resolve their unique family law issues, and for us to fully understand those issues.

Fixed fee initial consultations

For this reason, we offer, for a fixed fee, a no time limit initial consultation. There are no obligations and no additional costs for an initial consultation. Future fees are fully explained during the initial consultation. We charge fees either on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis, or a combination of both.

Fixed fee agreements

If your matter is suitable for a fixed fee arrangement, an agreement is reached on the scope of work or plan of action to be performed by us for a set fee. A fixed fee can cover the whole of the agreed plan of action or a fixed fee for a stage within the process.

Hourly rate agreements

For those matters that are not suitable for a fixed fee arrangement, we charge on a time costing or hourly rate basis. An hourly rate is broken down into 10 x 6 minute units and the number of units taken to complete the agreed scope of work is charged. When we charge on a time costing basis, we provide an estimate of fees for each agreed scope of work to be performed, before we start the work.

Communicating additional fees

In all legal matters, situations may arise during the course of the matter in which the work needed has to change or due to unforeseen circumstances, additional work is required. In such an event, no additional work is performed until a client is notified and an amended fee estimate is agreed.