Information on Family Legal Matters

Welcome to Waller Family Lawyers

Hello I’m Trent Waller, I’m the director of Waller Family Lawyers in CBD Brisbane. For over 20 years I’ve practiced exclusively in family law, I hold accreditation from the Queensland law society as a family law specialist.  We focus only on family law encompassing

1. Divorce

2. Financial settlements both domestically and internationally

3. Parenting arrangements

4. Asset protection and Prenuptial Agreements

5. Spousal Maintenance

6. Child support

We’re often asked to advise on complicated matters, the family law team achieve success with the understanding and culture that we are being entrusted with the two most important things in your life your

1. Children

2. Assets

A relationship breakdown often creates unwanted and undesirable emotions and stress, this can cause gravitation to non-important issues and the feeling of being stuck. Our job is to guide you out of this period in your life. We discuss the necessary legal issues in a plain language and on a level of complexity that matches where you are emotionally. We tailor our advice to pragmatically get you to a positive outcome.

We’ll give you objective advice that you need, we do not tell clients what they want to hear we provide the appropriate knowledge and forums whether that be in the collaborative process, mediation, arbitration or court processes to assist you in reaching successful outcomes.

Obtaining early advice is beneficial for successful outcomes no matter what issues require resolution. It’s important to us that each prospective client is given the time to feel comfortable and confident in the way we can resolve their problems. For this reason and for peace of mind we provide a fixed fee no time limit initial consultation in this consultation.  We obtain an understanding of your circumstances and what is important to you, from that we provide a preliminary view of the likely best outcome and proposed pathways to resolution to give you confidence and better certainty our future fees are also fully explained during the initial consultation.