Information on Family Legal Matters

Financial Agreement

Victoria acted for a Father living overseas who wanted to advance funds by loan to financially assist his child and her partner relocate to Australia and purchase a home. He wanted to ensure that the funds he lent would be protected in event that his child separated from her partner and his child’s property would also be protected.

Financial Agreement

Victoria and the Father worked collaboratively with commercial and international lawyers to prepare a Financial Agreement which:

1. Was binding and enforceable in Australian and overseas;
2. Contained terms of lending for the loan to his child;
3. Protected that loan in the event of separation;
4. Put in place arrangements for the division of property in the event his child and her partner separated.

The terms of the Financial Agreement ensured that the agreed rights and entitlements of each of the parties were protected in the event of separation and irrespective of where the parties lived in the world.